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"If you're looking for a property manager to manage your rental, it pays to be careful ....... I have an expensive home in the hills and needed to rent it out several years ago. I went with a long-time local property manager and my experience with her can only be categorized as "disasterous". The person she put in the home after whining about not being able to find anyone (in early spring) ended up having to be evicted and doing thousands of dollars damage to the home. He also left trash all over the grounds which was left to me to be picked up. To add insult to injury, this manager didn't return to me one dime of the security deposit after numerous "fees" and "repairs" were taken out of it. And instead of apologizing, all she did was whine about how the tenant was treating her. The most inept and unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. After taking back the home from her, I interviewed several other managers and went with Coastal Country Property Management and the difference has been night and day. These people know how to manage property and do it with professionalism. One set of tenants I had told me how impressed they had been with the management. So, if both property owner and tenants are giving them thumbs up, they must be doing something right. The last tenants took a garden tool with them (accidentally) and Coastal Country returned the full value of it from the security deposit. What can I say? Night and day."
Craigslist comment

"Thank you so much for your very responsible management. It sure feels good knowing you are looking after our house."
JH - Venice, CA

"Thank you for being there!! You are our eyes and ears in Brookings. We feel confident in your abilities."
EP - Orinda, CA

"Thank you for doing such a good job."
MH - Big Bear Lake, CA

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